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This RP has been closed, but there is a newer, better one! Click to visit! The Last Airbender: New Chapters See you there!
This RP has been closed, but there is a newer, better one! Click to visit! The Last Airbender: New Chapters See you there!


 '''Ryu Dojo''

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Gin Lei
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'''Ryu Dojo'' Empty
PostSubject: '''Ryu Dojo''   '''Ryu Dojo'' EmptyWed Jul 06, 2011 2:15 pm

Former Fire lord of the fire nation, did leave but he left because he had something better to do and it was all to much for now. The place he was at was overpopulated with vines and leaves. The place was heavily populated with bobby trap's everywhere. Lei knew where every trap was and every trick.

This place was the home of his father firebendind Dojo, He walked through the leaves the vines, jumping and hoping over obstacles until he finally reached a large Grey door with two horns on the flat surface of the door, the horns had holes on thier tips where the points of the horns should be.

He jumped forwards both his fist towards his center, soon as his feet hit the ground he forced both his fist towards the horns holes, His right fist at the right one his left at the left one, hot blue flame shot out from both fist Propelling towards both holes, The fire burned through the holes making a wierd whistle sound. He stopped bringing down his fist and the flame.

For about two seconds He stopped and looked at the door, Then the giant door shaked and eventually opened slowly. Inside warriors were all over, Firebender's,Swordsmans,Assassins,Martial artist. He walked in slowly as all eyes turned on him. Everyone who was training stopped and bowed down where they stood at Gin lei. The man he left in charge of the dojo named fung came running to him.

''Hello Sir lei,''The Old man spoke then bowed then lead the Lei to the dojo headquarters, They sat down in small room On soft mat's.''So what brings you here''The man inquired. Gin closed his eyes and spoke''I am no longer fire lord,My cousin Vlace is now the fire lord''.

The man was shocked as he sat his tea down slowly''Vlace, You mean the one you grew up with?'' The fire lord nodded and further inquired''And Im going to do something I really regret but must do''.

The old man stood up and said''What are you going to do''?''The fire lord inquired''In time youll surely find the reason why im here''He smiled

Family If forever.
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'''Ryu Dojo''
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